Next in Fashion

Season Two

Next In Fashion is….back.

The design competition that embraces the FUN in fashion begins with 12 young, talented designers all competing for a chance to become the next big name in fashion.

In its second season Tan France is joined by a new co-host, an A list global superstar that has headlined every Runway show in the world, Supermodel, style Icon and founder of her own clothing line, Gigi Hadid.

Tan and Gigi present the designers with challenges that range from ‘Royalty’ and ‘The Met Gala’ to ‘Swimwear’ and ‘Thrifting’, with some wildly outrageous and spectacular results. This season also features guest judges from every corner of the style world.

The winner walks away with $200,000 and will launch their first full collection, everybody else walks away with a big smile, because the boldest and brightest fashion competition event is…. back on the runway.

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