Yasmin Shackleton

Executive Producer

With over 20 years of experience producing hundreds of hours of television in the UK and the US, Yasmin serves as a showrunner and executive producer for theoldschool producing premium unscripted entertainment.

She has been with theoldschool from the day zero and has been instrumental in creating, developing and producing all of our hit shows. Most recently, she developed and Executive Produced ‘Bake Squad’, ‘Next In Fashion’ and the smash hit unscripted series ‘Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses’.

Prior to theoldschool Yasmin served as Executive Producer on award-winning Fox series ‘MasterChef’ and ‘MasterChef Junior’. Before landing in the US Yasmin spent the first years of her career in London producing and developing non-scripted series at multiple networks including the BBC & ITV, spanning multiple genres and entertainment formats from CBBC to live music shows and network food shows including ‘MasterChef’, ‘Celebrity MasterChef’ and ‘Great British Menu’.

Yasmin Shackleton earned a bachelor of arts degree in Modern Languages from Durham University. She is fluent in Spanish and getting there with English.

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