Sean Goodwin


Sean has worked a wide range of industry jobs in both scripted and unscripted productions. In NYC, he started his career in pre-production as an Art Department Coordinator for ‘A Crime to Remember’ on I-Discovery, where he gained favor with the production team by creating witty prop newspaper articles and faux-letters between true crime subjects.

In LA, he transitioned to post-production, working as a Post Supervisor for shows like The Tennis Channel’s The Changeover and the CBS day-time talk juggernaut, Dr. Phil. There, he became a Segment Producer, interviewing guests in the field and creating VT packages. In 2022, Sean joined the theoldschool as an Associate Story Producer and we never let him leave!

Sean has a BFA in Filmmaking from Champlain College, in Burlington, VT. His focus and enthusiasm make him an invaluable member of any team. He has a passion for television, cycling, and more television!

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