17 April 2023

theoldschool Makes Their Way Into the 2023 Realscreen Global 200 List

theoldschool Makes Their Way Into the 2023 Realscreen Global 200 List

In April of 2006, Realscreen unveiled the first edition of its Global 100 list of the top production companies working in non-fiction and unscripted screen content. The list, intended to represent a variety of sub-genres as well as the production landscapes in territories around the world, quickly became one of our most eagerly anticipated, and hotly debated, features.

From that first list, the industry has marched forward with more and more companies emerging, creating work worth celebrating. Now, with the economic turbulence of the past year expected to get even bumpier in 2023, all signs are pointing towards a renewed interest in global coproduction.

To shine the spotlight on the production scenes in more territories, and to celebrate Realscreen‘s 25 years of comprehensive coverage of non-fiction film and TV, we have the first Global 200, designed to cover a more considerable swath of your industry and perhaps call attention to companies that might be flying under the radar from an international perspective. We have also included within this special microsite honorable mentions in various territories, for companies whose work warranted acknowledgement outside of the list.

As always, the list has been compiled with input from broadcast and streaming executives, agents, distributors, production peers and other stakeholders in the industry. While we say every year that the list is intended to be a snapshot of the vibrancy of the unscripted and non-fiction production business, we hope this year’s Global 200 provides a picture with even more vivid detail.

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