11 August 2021

How Milk Bar Founder’s Netflix Competition ‘Bake Squad’ Pays Tribute to Her Signature Dessert

How Milk Bar Founder’s Netflix Competition ‘Bake Squad’ Pays Tribute to Her Signature Dessert

By Jennifer Maas on August 10, 2021.

Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi’s sweet new Netflix competition series “Bake Squad” — which will follow four individually “brilliant bakers” as they go whisk to whisk in each episode to see whose dessert will be chosen for someone’s “extra special big day” — makes its debut Wednesday.

When the season lands, fans of Tosi’s famous Milk Bar concoctions will notice the show’s delicious references to her iconic New York City-based franchise, as one of the competitors pays homage to a Tosi classic: cereal milk.

“We definitely have a ton of fun plans that we’re working on with ‘Bake Squad’ to sort of welcome in the wild, wonderful world of Milk Bar,” Tosi told TheWrap during a group interview with her handpicked “Bake Squad” contestants, Maya-Camille Broussard, Ashley Holt, Gonzo Jimenez and Christophe Rull. “And I wanted to know, what does Maya-Camille eat from Milk Bar late at night when she’s like inspiring her next incredible pie at Justice of the Pies? Because it is a beautiful dessert ecosystem, right? I fed off of the inspiration of all four of these humans, just as much as I hope they fed off the inspiration that they gave me the permission and the trust to bring into the ‘Bake Squad’ HQ.”

While all of Tosi’s Bake Squadders work to make dessert dreams come true, Holt is the one that Tosi says decided to do a play on cereal milk.

“We got some cereal milk moments over there on Ashley Holt’s station,” Tosi said, trying to recall exactly what she made for an episode featuring a competition over a dessert to celebrate a baby’s first birthday. “You made frosting, right?”

“Close! It was a cereal milk whipped cream,” Holt said. “And a cereal milk frosting sounds delicious. I like where this is going.”

“Collab!” Tosi shouted, as all the contestants laughed. “See, inspiration always,” Holt added.

Yes, we are so here for that collab.

“Bake Squad” premieres Wednesday on Netflix.

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